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Pet people beware. This can happen on any on-line dating site but this one happened to me on datemypet.com. A man contacted me via through the site. He goes by xto400 and has a stallion posted for his pet. We communicated via e-mail, chat, and then by cell phone. I got suspicious of some of the things he said he was doing, such as international horse buying and training in Egypt, then on to Nigeria. He said he was a member of the Christian Aid Organization and asked me to help him with receiving donations for him while he was out of country. I did not accept to help. Instead, I paid and had a full international background check done on this guy and turns out he is a professional criminal and scammer. He claimed he lived in Washington, yet there were no personal records or postal records for him. He claimed he got a degree from Bristol University and they had no record of him ever attending there. I contacted the Christian Aid Organization and they had no such membership of him and advised me to contact the authorities for they felt this was a case of fraud and scam. His e-mail address and chat address was on the blacklist for prior scam operations out of Nigeria. I paid a company to do this full background check, mind you. So on-line dating people, beware. This man is preying on women who have the love for pets for his own financial gain. I was smart and fortunate but not everyone goes to the extent that I did to make sure he was legitimate.

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