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Fernando Ardenghi

Which is Yahoo! Personals'
* US Revenue? (US site: Yahoo! Personals Casual Dates & Yahoo! Personals Premier Serious Relationships)
* US Monthly paying subscribers?
* US Profit (if any), as a Business Unit of Yahoo Inc.?

* International Revenue?
* International Monthly paying subscribers?
* International Profit, as a Business Unit of Yahoo Inc.?

As per Mr. Smola previous words:
"Now, in taking the general manager position, I truly feel blessed to have such a strong leadership team in place to continue driving innovation focused on enhancing our customers' experience."

*continue driving innovation*
Oh, Is Mr. Smola going to discretely bury the Personality & Love Style Test provided by WeAttract since 2004, four long years with the same inaccuracies?

Yahoo! Personals International Sites:
Europe: UK & Ireland - France - Germany - Italy - Spain
Asia Pacific: Japan - Australia & New Zealand - China - Hong Kong - Taiwan
Americas: US - Brazil - Canada

It is interesting to analyze
provided by Match

provided by Meetic

provided by Meetic

provided by ParPerfeito (Meetic / CupidoVirtual)

Was Mr. Smola only speaking for the US Yahoo! Personals' site?

Kindest Regards,

Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.
[email protected]

Sam Moorcroft,

Re: Mr. Smola's comment about niche services:
"...There are a lot of niche providers that can break-even. However, because these sites are not generating as much revenue, they are finding it is very hard to drive acquisition or reinvest in their businesses....

Some of us are doing a lot better than break-evens and don't have any trouble driving traffic or re-investing, thank-you very much!

"...In addition, some of them are employing tasteless and inappropriate tactics that Yahoo! Personals would simply not employ..."

Soooo, a successful niche site must ipso facto employ less-than-savoury tactics? Or, is this just Yahoo taking the moral high ground in areas it can't compete?;-)

We haven't been around since the late 90's because we didn't know what we were doing...:)

Relax - just being mischievous;-) I think Yahoo has a great personals service. They have their strengths - and we have ours. I'd love to chat with Mr. Smola about increasing his revenue by sending us his Christian traffic.

[email protected]

joel block

Egon is obviously an expert in his field. So am I as a psychologist specializing in love and sex with 16 book titles on those issues, and a new book coming out about dating in the fall.

I am especially pleased with the compatibility test I developed and scientifically evaluated over the past two years.

Egon, check it out: short, powerful and engaging. It will increase subscriber satisfaction and cut down on misrepresentation.

I'm very interested in your view. And, yes, shamelessly pitching. Come on, getting this thing developed was as hard as developing a pharmaceutical!


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