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Andrew Johnson

All of this could easily be solved if users followed the rule to flat out never send money to people met online. Unfortunately thats not what happens. Just like like the 419 scams, its the same story over and over again.

Sam Moorcroft,

A guy she met had earned $25,000,000(!) and alarm bells didn't go off?

I can see if it was $25,000 - or even $250,0000. But, $25,000,000? I mean, come on!

What hope do we have to combat that level of gullibility?

Or, let's be honest - greed. Pure, unadulterated GREED.

Ross Williams

I'm surprised more site owners haven't replied to this - it's a massive problem for us, being facilitators of the communication and we all have a responsibility to make life difficult for scammers.

We're trialing a new scammer-detection and prevention system on one of our sites, - in the past few weeks we've seen scam attempts drop by 30% and as time goes by and we detect more scammer PCs we'll be able to eliminate most scam activity across the network on all partner sites too.

Other sites should do the same.


Yes no matter how many times people say that they shouldnt fall for it it still happens. Dating sites are a prime playground for these kinds of criminals, glad to hear your getting somewhere Ross! I would love to know more about your detection and prevention system.


Rise Shuler

First of all, I guess since I am a New Yorker, not much is getting pulled over my eyes. I have children and no man is getting money out of me. I have met one nice guy on a dating site. He takes me out and pays. If he ever asked for money, I would be out. One man did tell me he asked a girl for money, I never answered his phone calls again. I started my sites because I see how much money can be made, but women are desperate for a man, that is why they get taken. No man should be asking women for money or sex. This is about getting to know a person. No matter how many warnings you put up some people have a low self esteem. When men ask me for sex, I tell them to get lost. You must control how you handle yourself on these sites. A lot of people are predatory and just plain sick. Learn how to weed them out.


The comment stated above (GREED)..coming from a so called christian, is pure deaf tone.If you were or had been in a situation you would not be slamming this poor girl. You do know not what happened to judge anyone, therefore, step back an look at yourself! Also, it is people like this girl that help the internet community to stay alive an keep it safe for everyone by giving of herself to share with the world, so keep it real!


ok I hhave been typing to thhis man ..for quite some time..his name is on theh lovescammer list..he told me whhy..he said he is Itailan..but he sounds like he is from no with the "i love you baby" stuff...I sent him a real card viva us mail..I'm wait..he has ask about my money..but I just change the subject..he still is around..what do you jan


My sister met a man from Chicago who sent her his picture and inendated her with flowers. He promised to come and visit her but unfortunately he said he was called away to Accra, Ghana to work on a project. He promised to come back at Christmas, then New Year's and on and on. He has told her since the very beginning that he loves her and plans to marry her. He said he had lots of money and she would be taken care of for the rest of her life. Now he tells her that he needs her to Western Union him money to pay for documents he needs before he is allowed to leave Ghana. Then he tells her he needs more money for more documents and each time he is supposed to come home, there is another delay that requires money. She won't listen to anyone. How can we make her realize that she is being scammed. He told her that we are all trying to destroy this relationship.

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