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Yeah, that's for sure that the three biggest markets for dating online in Europe are UK, Germany and France.

By now, there are a lot of dating sites but few only have the capacity to offer a real quality of service.

Meetic is the european leader and try to go on the american market. But by now, they didn't succeed over there...

Robert Lee

I remember when they first started. Darren Richards contacted me and I promoted an affiliate relationship with them in 2001 through to 2006 when a lawyer contacted me to tell me that my review of, on my own website, was liable for a lawsuit because I also had other dating service ads on the page.
I was threatened with a lawsuit because I did an honest review of the service for my website and visitors!
I am sorry for what happened to the success that Darren Richards found, obviously this was, at the date in contention, out of his control. Threatening independent webmasters is a bit of the hammer killing the ant, right? Then they were bought out.
But I do appreciate the opportunity to work with Meetic.
A much more appreciative company for affiliates.

Alex Jute

"Are people in Europe making money from mobile? In 2006, just under 7% of Meetic Group’s total global revenue was mobile revenue."

I wonder what effect the iPhone has had on that statistic. That piece of hardware has changed the communication landscape. Have companies kept up?

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