Michael Alvear, Manhunt.net Cruise Director - Interview - Online Personals Watch: News on the Online Dating Industry and Business

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Damir-Sex Advice and Guide Specialist

I'm familiar with Michael Alvear's work and absolutely watch The Sex Inspectors religiously. Thank you for this great interview.


This guy advocates in his column that people share someone else's hiv status with anyone than know. Not much of an advice columnist if you ask me.
But I guess they remove all posts here that aren't cheering for him.

Mark Brooks

I appreciate your commentary, but your last comment was unnecessarily strong, derogatotory and anonymous. If you're going to post a derogatory post under an interview, please at least have the balls to list your identity.

Whenever someone lists a comment on OPW, someone's reputation must stand to back it up. If not yours, then mine. You were anonymous, and I did not want to stand behind your comment. It was anonymous and unduly derogatory and added little to the thread.

It's also a little out of place. You probably have a bone to pick with Michael. I happen to think he's a good guy, I appreciate the time he took the interview, and you better believe I'm going to protect the thread underneath his interview.

Jerkoff Club Gay Sex

I get a lot of gay men joining Fling.com If you just looking for sex.. but then..what else is their??

Glass Dildo

I know this is a lil old but i just found it. The article is great. Thank you.

Daniel S Gonzales

Actually the comment isn't out of place, this very blog post alludes to the serodiscordant issue. And Michael DID advocate disclosing someone else's status which is garbage advice and he deserves to be called out for it.


Also my name is Daniel S Gonzales and I live in Denver.

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