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jill feldman

This is the SECOND time I was communicating with a married man. The first was james pino from victorville calif. 324golfer now it's the big bad wolf also from california, carl roles...his wife wrote me. They are a phoney site that allows anyone on and claims they do background checks. They are Liars.

Mark Brooks

They do basic felony and sex offender checks and a statistical estimation of if someone is married. Only Nevada and California offer public records on peoples marriage status so the marriage check is the toughest part of the background checking that they do.

David Evans

Mark, this is a lot worse than "dialing in". Cheap traffic brings unmotivated eyeballs which they couldn't convert into revenue. We've known this was going to happen from the beginning. What other repercussions will True feel in coming months and what does this mean to their partners who were expecting more traffic?

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