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Terry Lee

Just visited the Oodle site for the first time. I have to say that I like the look and interface much better than Craig's List. In fact, thanks to the search function I may soon be the owner of a slightly used Fender Stratocaster!


I have recently placed three free local ads on Oodle. I am extremely pleased with the service you established in 2005. However, on the Oodle web page where my ads are located there seems to a looping of the name of my book. I have three active ads. Two in Louisville, Ky. and one in Indianapolis, In. But according to that page, I have 3(in stuff, 1(services),16(cars and vehicles), and 40 ads in tickets. Which of course is ridiculous. I am at a lost as to how to delete these extra ads. My name is DeLisa K. Harris and I live in Louisville, Kentucky. My active ads are: 2391711621 and 2391360779 and 2410358381. I want to keep these ads only not the entire page. By the way I'm sure
many people feel just like me and greatly appreciate this needed and valuable service. The name of my book is The Real creeps by Dk. Harris.

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