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Saïd Amin

Brother Moses,


So, who is the herb and herbette from the site who got married? =P

Life is good.

Sakiko Forbes

Well u may not reach a wider audience internationally, but bear this in mmind that some international peeps knows about this site, and totally love it, I should know, I am one of them. So keep doing what u do.


Nice work man. Thats all I can say, you have heard it all before. Next time your in AZ hit me up and we can party.


What is your answer to the question of how many divorces have you caused? And even more importantly, what impact do you think your site and others like it contribute to the growth of HIV and Hep-C in the black community.
I wont paint a pic of innocence, I've had my share of booty calls. But to set up multiple booty calls amongst such a large mass of people is not only sinfull it is a recipe for destruction. You are killing off our people and are proud of it.
May God be with you and may you see the light.


As far as I know, we do more to bring awareness about safety in the dating industry than any other site out there. See this press release (

Recent studies show that 30% of people who meet someone from an online dating site have sex the first date! This means that the industry as a whole needs to address this and not just OBC.



correct link :


Jdate.... Match... Eharmony... Plentyoffish... American Singles... They better watch out right now... Moses and Online Booty Call is going to take over members from these websites... This name and the idea is really quite interesting on how it took off very quickly and huge over websites that are nationally and internationally known.... How did you get the word out? Did you do alot of advertising? Where would you advertise this type and kind of web site? How do you compare to the sugar daddy web sites? Do you charge men more than women? Are women for free? I really liked the interview with Moses about Online Booty Call.... This web site and interview is something different and original.... I look forward to hearing more from Moses... Thanks!

[email protected]


I find it interesting that you start charging after only 40 members I have also been told that you need around 5,000 members before that happens.


I love that someone asked how many divorces you've caused. Of course this was created by a college student with nothing better to do with his life than "hook up." Like someone else said, shit like this is the reason why STDs run rampant anymore. I bet the people hooking up on this site are super-classy. Congrats on being part of the American Filth.


OBC is disgusting. Encouraging partners to cheat and giving the statistic that "Marriage is the leading cause of divorce,"--what kind of bull**** is that? He don't know jack and just wants free booty. Gag me.


We are a married couple and met on OBC

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