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Fernando Ardenghi

That CEO had said:
"When I talk about how do you get this to be a billion dollar company, it's about driving more people into the category."
"There are over 92 million single people in the US and about 3 million or fewer are paying for some kind of online dating service."

but he did not say anything about:

- Future Legislation for the Industry like:

- Background Checks.

- Quality Norms like ISO 9001:2000. Example see Shaadi

Unfortunately Chemistry is a complete fiasco due to:
- low percentage of persons reaching first_meeting (meet in person)
- after first meeting; in some persons attraction reduces its level OR worse even morphs / metamorphoses to rejection!!!

Match, Chemistry and other online dating sites are suffering a problem named "less_is_more effect"

Please see this interesting paper:
"Less Is More: The Lure of Ambiguity, or Why Familiarity Breeds Contempt"

The present research shows that although people believe that learning more about others leads to greater liking, more information about others leads, on average, to less liking. Thus, ambiguity—lacking information about another—leads to liking, whereas familiarity—acquiring more information— can breed contempt. This "less is more" effect is due to the cascading nature of dissimilarity: Once evidence of dissimilarity is encountered, subsequent information is more likely to be interpreted as further evidence of dissimilarity, leading to decreased liking. The authors document the negative relationship between knowledge and liking in laboratory studies and with pre-and postdate data from online daters, while showing the mediating role of dissimilarity."

Kindest Regards,

Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.
[email protected]

free online dating

i don't think you can find chemistry online, that can only be found in person, as most people appear different online then they do off and even if they were being themselves, text can be taken in many different ways, so the other person creates their own expectations and judgements based on text alone, so its easy to misread someones personality online.

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