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Sam Moorcroft,

I like "The Geezer" 's comments on this very issue (see

"Where is the outcry about [Sam: or substitute any other gay site] not catering to hetros?"

Isn't that a "Rosa Parks" issue, too?

Sam Moorcroft,

I wonder if was created to prevent someone else from registering it and trying to leverage off of the name...?

Sam Moorcroft,

They also own the .com...

Or, at least, it appears that way. The registration is actually private, but has "" above [email protected]

That could be anybody.

Justin Cannon

They acquired the domain from me in January 2007. I used it for a gay Christian dating site before they acquired it.

free online dating

i really don't see why it was necessary to take them to court, there are plenty of dating sites around that would forfill those needs and it would be very boring if all dating sites offered exactly the same services

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