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Dee Valkerie

"One is educating the users, but the problem with educating them is you don’t want to scare them either, especially if they’re new to online dating."

You are better of to educate them UPFRONT then let them have a bad experience and never use an online dating service at all! Remember if someone has had a bad experience with something they will tell everyone they know to stay away.

Education at this point is the only weapon we have against these criminals. Tell everyone stop them in their tracks!

Jane Stephenson

Kevin Greene's organisation is a scam in itself - once you join the site the onus is on you to cancel, unlike all other subscriptions which automatically expire at the end of the contract period Another Friend debits your credit card for the next period with no notice, even if you have disabled your profile. I call that a scam!

Mark Brooks

Hi Jane,

All other subscriptions continue till cancelled, that I know of. They continue on a month to month basis with no specific term.

Mark Brooks


Hi Jane,

The alternative to your issue is to use a FREE dating site. There are plenty of them around and in most cases they offer more features than the paid sites.

Try, I am sure you will enjoy using this free service.

Cormac Murphy

My Membership was due up for renewal on the 18th March 2008. I did not want to renew so over two weeks before the 18th, I emailed [email protected] as instructed. I received no acknowledgement. I repeated this several times, also emailing info@ and support@ again, no response. I emailed them not to take any money from my credit card. On the 18th March, I deactivated my account. Today, I looked at my credit card statement, and €49.95 has been debited by This is outrageous, and is tauntamount to theft. If this is not reimbursed immediately, followed by an apology, then I will sue this company - whichin my eyes, is as disreputable as they come.
Cormac Murphy

Ross Williams

Hi Cormac - do they ask you to email this address or is there an online support system? We manage all our subscriptions via an online support system and although we try to handle email enquiries, this is second to our official online support system (this is how it works on and our other consumer brands)

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