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Jonathan Crutchley

We at have no current plans to expand the website under different domain names. However, the current website is growing very rapidly with 1 million registered users now. International expansion is fueling this growth. As far as the "straight" market is concerned, we have always debated as to the number of "straight" or married men who use Manhunt. Some guesses are that as many as 20% of our members are married men or have girlfriends. In some foreign countries the percentage of married users may be higher. Some Chinese tell us that as many as 90% of "gay" men in China are married to women. As to other parts of the gay community, if you do a member search of different gay lifestyles such as "bears" or "leather," you'll find these groups are well represented among the Manhunt members.

Patrick Perrine,

The tremendous growth of is a clear demonstration of the need for gay focused dating sites. recently launched to provide comprehensive online dating and private matchmaking services exclusively to gay men. Like, around 20% of our members have been in long term relationships with women. The difference with our site is that the men on our site are looking to establish a new long term relationships with a man; regardless of their current or previous relationships with women. There are many online dating sites on the web that cater to the straight community, but the benefit of and is that they focus exclusively to a niche population that has long looked for a place to find what they are looking on immediate needs, one on long term needs.

We have often been asked to provide similar services for the lesbian community and have plans to eventually reach out to them as well.

John Doe


This is what makes me glad I am not active in the Gay community in any sense of the word, Yes I am Gay but being Relationship oriented my entire life and believing that sex is something one does with someone they love has made me a social outcast, a weirdo and a freak or so I have been told by my Gay encounters and I am glad I am such.

The mere thought of having sex with a man that I just met a moment earlier on a gay line or an internet chatroom makes me about as sick as the thought of having sex with a woman or a child does, Its Gross, I see no purpose.


As far as those questions such as how much money does one make or does one want children, these are important questions if you are seeking a serious live in relationship, would be nice to know if the man I am dating wants us to adopt or have a woman have our baby someday wouldnt it?

Maybe I am the only gay man who feels this way, I am certainly the only one I have met in my 33 Years of life on this planet...

I am Glad I found this interview though, thanks, I was invited to a party tommorrow and wasnt sure if I should go, I thought, maybe I will meet someone sincere there but there is a large part of me that knows that he doesnt exist for me, Men want sex, thats what men are into, commitment, monogamy, relationships arent real, I need to face that fact and move on as far away from The 'Gay lifestyle' as I can!


Jesse Archer

Dear John Doe (your anonymity reveals much about you),

With an attitude like that, you'll never find what you want. Sure other gays like you exist. Our community is as diverse as it is stereotypical, but you're not going to find what you're looking for if you refuse to look for it. Get out there, instead of sitting home and sulking about how he "isn't real."


Not an entirely accurate comparison as straight people seeking "sex dates" use AdultFriendFinder and not eHarmony, Yahoo Personals, etc. They post explicit pics and sexual requests on AFF & similar sites. It's that straight people fall into two groups, either looking for relationships or sex, whereas the gay world is primarily looking for a "right now" encounter.

Yep, sex sites that cater to a specific audience will be successful (if done right). People want what they want--and most likely can find it online.

Mark Brooks

Please note, interview comment threads are protected threads. We don't allow any derogatory comments towards our interviewees.

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Stop editing your content in favor of make it so blatantly obvious you're working for them.

it's pretty patetic that you'd both support those who'll cart us off to a concentration camp and deny others the same rights you enjoy.

Betcha won't post a boycott of OPW....but we can post it everywhere else.

Mark Brooks

Thanks for your comment Maurice. It pains me to delete comments from interview threads. But on the other hand Online Personals Watch is for those in the internet dating business community. As a courtesy to interviewees, derogatory comments are deleted from interview threads. Feel free to posted elsewhere on the site, but anonymous comments and comments clearly hawking products/services may also be deleted, I should note.

If your comment adds to the professional and courteous discussion of the business of internet dating, it adds something to the community and will not be deleted.

Please keep your comments professional and courteous, with constructive criticism and your comments will be very welcome here. Thanks for your consideration gentlemen.

Mark Brooks
Editor, Online Personals Watch

Mark Tolman

It is such a shame that everyone has been so quick to judge Jonathan based solely on his donation and the label "Republican".

I worked with Jonathan at Manhunt for many years, in fact I wrote most of the code for the site. While he and I have not always seen eye to eye, I can tell you he's no idiot. He choose the Republican party for his own reasons, which are none of our business.


Yes Mark it is our business when Jonathan earns his money from the gay community then uses that money to support a group who does not see gays and lesbians as equal human beings. Just look at the record of his Vice Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin. She vetoed a gay rights bill. BOYCOTT MANHUNT and spend your gay dollars elsewhere!!!

Mark Brooks

Above all else I support and respect freedom of choice.

I also respect your choice not to.

Mark Brooks
[email protected]

kelly b. thomas

As a Lesbian there are no legitimate site to find a LifePartner/one night stand etc,i suggest a venture to start the same concept only for lesbians this way they have to pay to find quality and be safe at the same time, contact me via e-mail or home phone;415-504-5802
the demand is great.
kelly b. thomas

Jonathan Crutchley

Online Buddies, Inc. owns the domain name of, and several years ago we explored the idea of launching a dating site for women only. We were talking to several female entrepreneurs about a partnership; Online Buddies would provide the technical support, and our women partners would provide the creativity and content. Sadly, the enterprise never got off the ground, but I would be happy to discuss its revival with Ms. Thomas or anyone else.

i just dont know why the "new manhunt" 1st we lost a few days in the site for improvements... a few days into IT, still very slow and yet sometimes cant even see my messeges... i am sure some glitches, but come ON.... NO EVEN CUSTUMER SERVICE to the rescue!!! hope we/you can get it together why fixed if it worked!!!
thank you Ramon NYC


Would you have Larry contact me. Larry and I have also been business partners and I miss him very much My name is Gil Bartee [email protected]


Yes, this the impressive foundation story of a very successful today project called ManHunt. And this is how the things just happens an good idea and than a lot and hard work. But as we know if we work hard and believe in what we are doing there is no other way than full success.
I wish to you to have at least a peace of ManHunt success in life.

Take care

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