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Saïd Amin

I like Marc. He sounds like a good guy but his efforts to be part of a dialogue that pits Match and Meetic as equal competitors is silly...Meetic is triple A, maybe at best double A...Match is in the majors (see financials).

Ultimately the numbers speak for themselves. Meetic is very cute, up and coming, but Match runs shit domestically in the US and in most places overseas...Euros and the French spirit vs the US matchmaking machine (*ahem* Match) is in for a hell of an uphill climb...good luck and may the force be with you (btw, I always root for the underdog).

Unfortunately for Meetic, their product is not revolutionary. That being said, your partnerships and dollars spent better be wiser than's. Mind you you's margin for error is greater than Meetic's, due to their wherewithal.

Life is good.




Intéressant à lire bien sûr. "Facile" de racheter un acteur local pour pénétrer un nouveau marché. Sans doute la meilleure façon pour toucher une population qu'on ne connaît pas : autre pays = autre culture = tout est différent.
Pour les anglais, ça joue déjà mais alors pour la Chine : comment s'y prend-on pour pénétrer le marché chinois? Nous on s'occupe de


To Said:

It seems you thonk about the US, and Meetic thinks about Europe - that's quite a difference. And what I can say about the figures: is overestimated in Europe. Why don't you try to get clean figures before you post comments? By the way: You could have looked on Marcs European rankings before posting ...

Best wishes



Hmm... Meetic is nowhere in the US yet. How can this be possible?
But, in Europe, they are extremely well positioned. Marc, if you read this: when will you enter the Romanian market? Any plans for doing this?

Mark Brooks

Many dating sites block entire countries in Africa and the Eastern block because the risks and incidence of scamming outweight the financial rewards of keeping those countries open for business on their sites. It's a shame.

Why, more specifically, do you think Meetic 2.0 is poor?

Mark Brooks


Rather than blocking an entire country from frequenting a site, iovation's Reputation Manager does provide a method by which you can focus on stopping the actual 1% of individuals who are engaged in fraud, while letting the other 99% of good people enjoy the benefits of online activity. Certainly, it does not take long for the advanced fraudster to figure out how to make it appear as if they are logging in from another country anyway...


I just seen on euronews something about Meetic site and i decide to see whats going one here, trying to register i got this:"You can't register to meetic from this computer?" I thought this could be a joke but ...searching on Y answers i saw that this happ not only to me. I just found someone posted this:Hi ! Why all the people from Romania cannot register on Meetic ? This really sucks. Amazing...Sorry but i agree with that one who posted this. How could be a site managed of a team who cant do something in this way? Guys! Blocking a entire country? Not all the people are scammers. Try to do something otherwise your site will have a short life.
CD/from Romania; and im proud that im romanian!

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