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Fernando Ardenghi

"It’s consistent with how we run the overall business – we’ve continually innovating, continually adding new people to the site, and adding new functionalities to the site. "

Please see Mr. Safka's first OPW interview at:

Is he only worried/focused at the United States market?????

Mr. Safka had previously said: "We worked on with a world reknowned anthropologist, Helen Fisher, to combine the best of real world interactions with online services. Take the Chemistry Profile. This profile very quickly figures out the types of people we should match you with - people you're most likely to have chemistry with. Users then go through our 1-2-3 Meet process. We do our best to facilitate a face-to-face meeting, because that's the true test of chemistry between two people. After the first meeting, users tell us how it went. We put this feedback back into the matching system, and takes it into account to help deliver even better matches. We're reinventing this category the way we first did when we started 10 years ago..."
Mr. Brooks, have you asked Mr. Safka about
Is Chemistry's team preparing a paper to substantiate the matching algorithm?
What will happen if that paper only shows that is a complete fiasco due to low successful "first meeting rate"?
Mr. Safka now says: " has a pilot in Dallas called Match Platinum and can be found at Match Platinum is a breakthrough new service that is geared towards somebody who is an active professional, who is busy, and who loves the idea of Match expanding their possibilities."
Is Mr. Safka going to discretely bury

There are more than 900 "Online Dating & Social Networking Sites" at the United States and Canada, but top 10 Online Dating sites have 80%/85% of actual market. If you add net paid subscribers of all U.S. dating sites, perhaps the total is less than 5 million!!!

What dating sites are doing / will do to court the other U.S. 80 million singles not seriously dating online? They need to offer GREAT INNOVATIONS, but .... they will definitively come from new discoveries on Theories of Romantic Relationships Development.

Kindest Regards,
Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.
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in the UK are failing drastically on customer service. policies which may be seen as good service in the US do not translate abroad. many feel hurt by auto payments taken 6 months after initial contact without email.

leaving custoemrs to feel cheated

Customer service is poor and dys of emailing gets no response and a call gets a us call centre where no one can deal with the issue.

Cultural expectations of service have not translated. the uk expect good manners and notice of payments.

is any one form willing to comment!

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