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Fernando Ardenghi



" . It's okay to lie about your age (within a couple of years) as long as you tell the truth later in your profile.
True - Surprise, surprise. E-Cyrano is encouraging lying - but only for this one set of circumstances. Don't ever lie about height, weight, income, marital status or any other really essential thing that can actually cause a rift on a first date. While fibbing isn't a great precedent, understand that a great many people don't even get seen due to others' arbitrary search criteria. If a woman wants a man 45-50, and a man is 51, I don't see anything wrong with him lowering his age to appear in her search. If they were perfect for each other, do you think
she'd run away because he's a year over her specifications? "


Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.
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Mark Brooks

Lies are always good for the short term and bad for the long term. Singles need to hold themselves to a higher standard of integrity. I advise anyone who goes on a date and finds themselves in front of a liar to immediately excuse themselves from that date. "Sorry, I'm not comfortable continuing with this date becuase you lied to me. It was a pleasure meeting you however. Thanks, bye."

This should include lies about age, weight, pictures which are significantly inaccurate, glamorized or photoshopped.

Lies are the BANE of this industry. A huge detriment. I highly, highly recommend site owners to advise their users to be honest.

Mark Brooks
Editor, Online Personals Watch

Nannette Thacker

I'm sorry, I disagree with the lying thing. I sent an email to Mark asking for details about ecyrano, but if I were to use any service on my site, http://www.ChristianSinglesDating.com, it would be with the agreement that lying is never appropriate.

On our site, if a woman does desire a man 45-50, and he is 51, he will show up in her results, but with an accurate profile, not a lie, simply because we extend the age based on the current date. You say "I don't see anything wrong with him lowering his age to appear in her search." Please! Where does it stop? Within ONE year? Fifty years? I've seen men who clearly look like they're in their sixties, claim their age is in their thirties! Do I call them out and say "Hey! You lied about your age!" What if they're really in their thirties but just look really old! So I let it go, but goodness, women are going to find out and just looking at the photo know he is likely a big fat liar!

To help members find someone that is not in their preferences, we provide REVERSE MATCH, where members can see who is looking for them. Then they might find someone within that group that they are interested in, because it isn't based on their preferences, it is based on whether the other person is looking for them.

We provide ways for members to find one another without the need to lie.

One of the biggest complaints we get on our site is when the couple meets in person and they find out that the photo was year's younger and/or the person lied about their age. Women especially say they wouldn't have minded if the man was older and looked older, but it really bothers them that he felt he had to lie.

On our site, men and women are more conservative and looking for a person with integrity. I hate the fact that someone would claim to try to make a person's profile look better, and then suggest lying is okay. How does that make them look better? It makes them look like a LIAR! Plain and simple!

Integrity. Where is it in your business? If you think it's okay to lie, why in the world would I want to affiliate with you?

God bless,
Nannette Thacker

Kelli Jenkins

I was matched by eHarmony with a guy I was crazy about, only to find out he had lied to eHarmony and myself...he was MARRIED. I had to play detective and find out on my own. This man had domestic violence charges as well as child abuse (has had his children taken away) needless to say this whole online dating experience was a nightmare and I will not use one again until people subscribing to the sites submit to being screened thouroughly. True.com claims to screening for marrieds and felons (but he was on that site too) I called true.com to tell them they had a married on their site and ask what their "screening tool" is and they said it was simply checking to make sure the credit card the member was signing up with doid not have a wife or husbands name on it!!!! That is no screening tool, that is false advertising. (married people do have credit card only in their name and not their spouses). It puts single users in DANGER!!! just look up the report from the Tampa Police Dept. (in my situation) this guy was a sociopath!!! No more internet dating for me until there is better screening!!! No way!

free online dating

working for a dating site myself, i couldn't agree more that a personal profile is key. It is the area of the site members should be selling themselves. It is their first impression. It is also important to add a picture as a picture is the first thing members look for, they see your picture and think, hmmm not bad, then they click on your profile and your description can either be the clintcher or the reason for clicking the next key.

Make them witty and interesting to read, don't be coy in telling others what you are like

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