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I wonder what is potencial scammer and who is potencial scamme?
Could any of those CEOs be a potencial scammer? Yes, even more, here are expert in Moscow that dirrectly accuse such tip of dating activities as involving in trafficing? Why have you, Mark, not asked this Mr.Negin what about protection of russian women? how they protect them agains scammers (or you think westerner male never asked for money?), sex-tourists, pimps, psyhos?
as for "offline" activities. Mark, before to post this opus have you ever seen those photos of those "activities"
wish more - see here

Mark Brooks

What activities? Why are you mentioning Loveme.com. I assume this is the company you work for. Do you intend to disparage your competition and then push your own site? That's not cool.

However, please do tell us more about these services.

Mark Brooks


Not at all. I work for antidate - the russian-swedish information site about hazards and risks of international dating. And every day I receive the complaints from the woman about males abuse, scam, sexual harassments on dating sites and online marriage agencies like those Bride.ru, Anastasia and AFA. Sure, some people have advantage ruining reputation of russian women, but why not to notice that western male's scam is mounting monthly too?
Why not to notice that most of those MOB services being covered under "offline activities -socials" involve of the young women in sexual service that please the elderly foreigners that come to the former USSR for sex-tourism.
I would ask mrs from Anastasia, AFA and others agencies, what amount of their female profiles are real, without stolen photos and fake data? Why is so hard, almost impossible, to delete female profile from their data base? How much they pay to their staff and to staff of their "partners" for each letters they write to westerners instead of women?


PS. top 3 of russian dating sites is
1 Mamba.ru
2 Damochka.ru
3 Neznakomka.ru

Nannette Thacker

I think this is really great! I know there is a need for a safe way for Russian women and non-Russian men to meet.

Sadly, at http://www.ChristianSinglesDating.com (my site) we have had to block Russian IP addresses due to the many scammers who try to use our site, flooding their spam love letters, etc. We only let Russian women on the site who have been their prior to our IP blocking and if they have a reference from a paid member in long-standing. As a Christian site, we do realize there are missionaries and good Christians in Russia, so it is hard to block them all out.

But you know, the scam rings in Russia are quite good at using computers and spam mail applications, etc. It sounds like the Anastasia service doesn't cater to a lot of computer literate people, which makes it even more credible in my eyes.

We identified a Russian scammer on our site immediately (they come in through proxies, etc. to avoid the IP block), and a member of our site and I decided to put up a "sting" operation to catch her as a scammer. The point was to show our members the ploys they use throughout the entire "I love you" process.

The entire forum thread is here: Anatomy of a Scammer.


One thing we noticed is that they use "The Bat!" mass mail application to send their mails, they never specifically mention the name of their "lover" in their outgoing mails, and their mails never ever answer questions asked until we started demanding why they dont' answer the questions. And their mails are oh so very boring about everything and nothing and poorly put together sentences (like a Babel translation).

But I do know there are real women in Russia who do want a better life and will love someone who takes her away from that. And there are many lonely men willing to care for them. So this is a much needed service. And yes, protection is needed for both the men and women.

A previous poster asked about protection for the women, I think the new laws in regard to obtaining a fiance visa have really helped in that regard. I've heard from the upset men looking for Russian brides, but really, I think it is good. It limits the number of times they can apply in a year, and other things. Ok, I'm not totally up on it, but yes, the protections are there. LOL

As owners of sites like our site and Anastasia, we can only do our best and hope that the two involved have enough common sense to protect themselves as well.

It always amazes me when we spot a scammer, and send out a warning to our members and there's still some guy who looks at this fake profile model photo and says "Oh, she looks like a nice person, I don't know why you removed her profile and call her a scammer..." Didn't the stolen credit card, claim to be in U.S. when IP is elsewhere, and spam to 50 men in their sixties answer that question? LOL Some men (and women) just don't seem to have common sense, do they! LOL

Anyway, great luck with this website, you are providing a needed service. Sounds like a lot of offline work!

Nannette Thacker


"But I do know there are real women in Russia who do want a better life and will love someone who takes her away from that. And there are many lonely men willing to care for them"

Dear Nannette Thacker, can you enlighten me what does this statement mean?

Russian bride

Kvinna, it's simple. Russian women are searching for love and family mostly, but in Russia or some other FSU countries they have a hard life, and the Russian men don't know how to treat a lady well - so they are looking for someone who'll give them love and tenderness and take them away from the life they currently live.


i complained to anastasiaweb about prostitutes on there site,many caim to work or go to university,i offeres proof but they did not want except,one guy was engaged to a woman from berdyansk when he found out she was a prostitute he complained to customer sercvice they replied forget woman you find good woman maybe on this site'' why was this woman not investigated? according to there policy a investigation takes place then offending woman removed why was this not done, because they are defrauding you for your safety please be careful there is no policy and they ar scamming money from you

Russian Ukraine Dating

I think that you have a good presence in the market and I have heard good things.

Scams are everywhere and if I went to some of the russian marriage sites right now right now, I'm sure I'd find it....they just don't let you know it's happening.

Here's an HONEST look at one scam, tell me if I am right or wrong.

I can personally tell you that any company who offers REAL LIVE CHAT to its users at 9pm EST, HAS TO BE PHONEY! Is anyone gullible enough to believe that out of the 100 women you are looking at online in Russia, that 3-4 of them are online and waiting to chat with you at $39.95 for 10 minutes and at 4:00am Russian time? Most Dating agencies don't even open until 10am in Russia, so where are these girls chatting from, outside in their car cams? Does the agency wire a direct link to them in their cars out front so that by chance, some clients wnats to chat at 4am, they get a wake up call, turn the camera on and chat. Or are we to believe they are setup at home? Half the apartments don't even have high speed, and they can't be chatting at home, and even if the company had them standing by all night long in a cubicle in Moscow, as they promised them someone would call to chat with them, what girl would do this for free? or should I say, what honest girl would stay in an office all night long waiting for someone out of the blue , 365 days a year to chat with here? I know I am being a little ridiculous, but think about how it would work. Even with the best technology, and being in the computer industry myself, it isn't possible. I'd love to hear how an agency in small town Russia or Ukraine pulls this one off. THEY DON'T!

If you see a site offering real-time chat, take a long look at where you money is going as you just may be chatting with Boris instead of Doris and you'll never know the difference. But your bank accout will

Best of luck....jb

Andrew Wilson

A lot has changed since this article was published in 2006. As we can see from the comments anything to do with the Russian Bride business is going to attract attention.

At http://andrewwilsonnews.com can be found a report called 'Death of a Russian Bride' that looks at the mail order bride business and the changes coming along that will make the business run by firms such as Anastasiaweb almost impossible to run. For an ongoing discussion about the situation take a look here: http://ruadventures.com/forum/index.php/topic,13322.0/topicseen.html

By the way, I doubt that even in 2006 that Anastasiaweb was the 3rd largest online dating site in Russia.

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