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Fernando Ardenghi

"The difference with e-love is ..... can look at all the different aspects of the personality profile that they took with the company and see two bar graphs, one with each persons responses. They can see a visual of how the personalities match up. "

" ... the offline people have the quality ... The online dating companies have the quantity. If only there was a way that offline and online companies could find common ground and grow together. "

Many persons are interested in serious dating, but they cannot afford a USD1,500 to USD3,000 fee!
They need lower prices with high quality.
My bet: Only with a high precision personality matching method as a main core, that endeavor will be achieved!!!

Kindest Regards,

Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.
[email protected]

Sam Moorcroft, ChristianCafe.com

Hey Fernando, you don't have 60 locations and gross $45M/year if what you do doesn't work for your clients.

Sure, $2,000-$7,000 is no chump change, but clearly a lot of people (around 10,000/year, assuming an average cost of $4,500 each) are willing to plunk down their hard-earned money to have this service help them find their soulmate.

And, I don't buy that many people can't afford that kind of money. Perhaps this is a lot to those living outside N. America, but it isn't for those who live here.

If you have a a half-decent job, own a car, and other assorted material possessions, you can come up with the cash. People drop 000's of $$ on computers and plasma TV's and stereos and what-not - why not something that really matters? It is all about priorities.

Good for you Paul - sounds like you provide a much needed (not to mention excellent) service.

Robert Fisher

Sam is right, if people didn't want what offlines have to offer we would not have been in business 30 years. Paul and Brad are a class act with a class organization. Great interview Paul.
Sam, thanks for always keeping an open mind.

Sam Moorcroft, ChristianCafe.com

Actually, to be fair to Fernando, he is coming at this from a different angle than most of the rest of us.

I judge success based on the financial numbers, whereas Fernando is judging this from a sociological point of view.

Both are valid, of course, but for those of us who make our living doing this, the financial angle is the more important. We can discuss the sociological angle all day, but that doesn't pay my rent.


The service provided by The Right One in Newton, MA was fantastic, I married my fifth referral. Obviously, not all the men I met through The Right One were a good match but I continued to work with the matchmakers until they found the right one for me. Today I’m married with two beautiful children and continue to send my matchmaker referrals of single people I meet. My matchmaker’s name was Brenan and I think she has over 500 marriages. Advice for The Right One…do a TV commercial of all your married members. Feel free to contact me be email.


Hey Denise,
It doesn't always take five referrals to meet someone special. I'm currently on "hold" with my first referral. Can you believe it, the very first woman they introduce me to I fell in love with. What's more amazing, she feels the same way (I was her nineth referral). I joined the Providence, Rhode Island office...hey count me in on that commericial.


I came to this site because a person I referred to The Right One does a lot of blogging and saw this. I wanted to post a comment.
I joined The Right One (Denver office) in Aug. 06, and may have been one of the toughest sells they've ever had. I am skeptical of MOST things. I did NOT join on the spot but did research on Business Better Bureau and other review articles. NOT BLOGS because I don't just believe anything I read in a blog and prefer less "subjective" commentary, like reviews in magazines, newspapers, etc. After my research and finding positive reviews, I became a member for 20 matches. I had two nice matches and after each gave the counselors at The Right One some insight as to what was right/wrong with that particular match. My 3rd match was/IS magic!! He is truly one of the all-time great guys and I NEVER would have met him without this kind of service. (NOTE: I was only his SECOND match, and we both think we are tough to match, very picky, etc.) He is educated, extremely bright, atractive, funny, fit, WELL employed, polished, NICE -- I could go on and on. I have very tender feelings about nature and animals and he is also compassionate in that way. I have told the Denver office that ANYONE who needs a personal testimony can get in touch with me. I more than got my money's worth and am SOOOOOOOO glad I did it. I recommend the service to anyone I meet who is looking.
I think the key to good matchmaking is the member's ability to describe specific things they like or do not like. I run across people all the time who have difficult "exchanges" in their business relationships, and usually those individuals bring on the difficulties themselves. I'm pleasant in my business interactions, and in turn people are nice back to me.
I HIGHLY recommend The Right One if you're "matchable." :-)


hi, guys. i work for Together/The Right One, and i know what really goes on.

first of all, i wanna say that i am only a simple appointment setter. i am no ones assistant, not a manager, nothing special. just an appointment setter. so i have absolutely no reason to lie or make up anything to make us look good. i could say whatever the hell i wanted to and it wouldnt matter - id still have my job.

but i can tell you that the majority of all this being said is the money issue. people are pissedoff because of the money. these people sound like they were planning on sueing when they paid to begin with!!

so much of what these people are saying arent even promises the company makes. what the hell is a "monthly match"??? and its true, if we give you a match that you APPROVE, obviously it DID match your criteria, and they dont approve of YOU!! and dont want to talk to YOU again?? then YOU werent what they were hoping you were, were you?? they didnt like YOU. and you cant put everything down on a piece of paper, no. thats why we cant (and NOBODY can) guarantee that sparks fly. but we CAN match the things you tell us about.

i dont understand the customers. we tell them, THIS is how it works. THIS is how many matches youre paying for. its not that hard. and then when they dont work out or dont like you, what then?? its us?? of course it is. because you think you can make a whole lot of money off us. thats just not fair.

i listen ALL DAY LONG to the girls up front calling the members with thier matches. they have the papers/profiles in front of them, and as soon as one member approves it, they call the member the profile was about, and tell them that they were approved and that he will call them. how on earth does the idea that theyre *just giving out old bad numbers* make sense then?? they speak to them right when they are approved!!! and if a member doesnt let us know that they are on hold, how are we supposed to know?? lots of times a member finds the one theyre finally happy with for life, but doesnt let us know how it went. then answers the phone when we let them know we have another match for them, and then they tell us, "oh im on hold, please". we do apologize for the inconvenience, but something to sue over??

and when and where on earth in business have you heard of anything making the idea that if you went out on dates with these matches, and decided you didnt like them, that they all of a sudden shouldnt count as a match we provided you with anymore, become realistic??? thats cheating US. thats unfair to the service itself in ANY business. thats why you purchase a certain number of matches. because no one can guarantee chemistry. if there was none, were sorry. but that counted as a match. and thats fair.

look ive only been there half a year, but i know what goes on here. the managers say whatever they feel like saying around everyone, when theyre mad theyre mad, when theyre excited theyre excited. but we are a successful company and we get called all the time with people crying and thanking us for our services. i myself have talked to several people in our area and in the denver, colorado area who are thanking ME profusely for what weve done for them. im PROUD to work at Together/The Right One.

and for those of you who have been treated rudely by particular people, then yes that is that persons fault and they should be dealt with, because i am always sure to be polite and curteous with every customer, and put myself in thier shoes. but when it comes to the way we do our matching, and our services, etc., we explain everything very clearly. its not that hard to understand, and if you wanted to add to it in your own head and make it more than what it is, so be it. but thats not the company's mistake. we tell you youre going to get a certain number of matches and you will. the term "monthly matches" is not even in our vocabulary. its simple. its awesome. its new. its refreshing.

dont want to take part in it? suite yourself. dont think a few thousand is worth meeting the love of your life? so be it.

i still am proud and happy to be a part of the happiness The Right One brings to the members that are in it for real.

<3 -mmmmssss.


Without The Right One, I would have never had the opportunity to meet my husband.

We got married a year ago. It took me 2.5 years in the dating service, but hey, all you need is one. I had almost given up, when I got the call that said, "you really should meet this one. I have a good one for you." If you are patient, the system really works.

It is lovely to find someone at this age. At 50, you are pretty confident of who you are. I was divorced for a long, long time and raised a daughter on my own. It is wonderful and I feel lucky. I know he is happy in this marriage.

It is because of The Right One that I met this man. Our social and career circles are totally different. Yet, they realized from our profiles that this would actually work.

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