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Kathryn Lord

For sure! I'm a Romance Coach and every single one of my clients has needed work on their profiles. Convincing them of that need is not always easy, particularly the need to get professional photos. I am working on an ebook about profile writing, and good examples of bad photos are all too easy to find. I LOVE for photo work, and all my clients who have used their services have been pleased.

I include a profile review and rewrite in my regular coaching fees, so it is a real deal fo my clients -- essentially, when they sign up for coaching with me, they get the profile workup as a bonus. However, I also do one-shot profile advice and rewrites for $99.

Kathryn Lord

Sam Moorcroft,

Eric Resnick runs a great service. We have been working with him for a couple of years now. Members get better written profiles and a greater likelihood of connecting with someone.

They are more likely to pay us more, as they have invested in their profile.

And, of course, gets more business.

So, it's a win-win-win situation.

The same is true of, which we also have as an add-on.

There is zero downside to having these services.

Evan Marc Katz

Kudos to Eric Resnick for his good press. More kudos to Sam Moorcroft for realizing that integrating profile writing into his site was the best way to get customers on board. And special kudos to Mark Brooks, who's been pimping profile writing services since Dave Evans and I first started in '03.

Photos, profiles, coaching, content - these things create brand loyalty in a way that no techno-gimmick could possibly accomplish. Offer them - at no cost to you - and see for yourself.

Our private label sites are visible at, and if you'd like to see how it would look for your company to strengthen your brand AND make money.

Cara Fletcher

It's great that there are such sites that can help people improve their dating profiles.Many people don't kniow what to say about them and how to attract the attention of other people so this ProfileHelper is a great advanatage.

Linda Lipshutz

As the others attest, it is critically important to take great care when crafting an online profile. Although many of us offer profile editing for a fee, there are resources out there that give excellent guidance and support gratis. My complimentary newsletter (Smart Connections: Singles' Edition) has a section on online dating and regularly discusses profile reviews. Please feel free to contact me for more information. Linda Lipshutz ([email protected])

Peter Cassidy

There's actually a great service based in Australia that creates new dating profiles for people, but based on face-to-face interviews, which certainly gives them the edge in creating a truthful representation of the person. It's called

A friend of mine used it and said it was certainly worth the time and price.


I agree that most people commit mistkes when making up their own online profile. It is best that there is a service that teaches tips and dos in writing online profiles

Starcraft 2 Invites

You're absolutely correct. All the commenters are correct too. Dating sites nowadays are getting less and less personal, and more about simply collecting your personal data and becoming another index of identities like Facebook is. Simply working for advertising money.

Dating sites aren't even needed. Hell, I met my girlfriend only playing Starcraft 2. Go figure!

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