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Would think that the age group will mature over time. This "younger" age group is the same age group that mad myspace popular and plentyoffish. Its the popularity of these services that attacks more mature audience.

John Roberts

I just think that mobile dating sites are going to be used more for 'hookups' than serious dating.

Relationship tips

The reason why mobile dating users are younger, is in my opinion because of the easy access to such services and usually the youth are more into mobiles and texting

Free Christian Dating

I agree with John Roberts. People who are serious about finding that someone special are unlikely to use this technology as much - rather it seems to be more likely to be used for throwaway finding a bit of fun type dating!

Hong Kong Dating

A lot of people will get their first look at dating this way so I think it's a good thing. However I would say that they may not be looking for the right reasons at a younger age.

Chicago Personals

Technology is a wonderful thing, cell phone dating today, who knows what tomorrow will bring. With our crazy busy life's it's a great way to meet new friends.


I believe that mobile dating will grow, and leave regular "sitting at a computer" dating way behind. Mobile is so portable, and holds a young audience, who are quite happy to spend money on the chance of friendship, networking and finding love. But on the same platform as facebook, twitter etc.

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