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Just goes to show a fool and their money are soon parted.. And lucky to get to gether in the first place..


Some of these services don't even give the person what they want. You get the date, but not always the date you want. So, the good part about these services is they guarantee dates, and you have no work to do, but the flip side is, you wouldn't have dated these people in the first place. So, it's up to you, would you rather date and pay or work hard to date.


Why Dating Services Are Often A Waste Of Money



chemistry.com's bogus 3 date guarantee!

I signed up about 3 months ago when the home page blazed a 3 date guarantee. Well I didn't have 3 dates and now they just say that they have a "no refund policy". How can they get away with that???

This was a terrible service. It was clear that they were just throwing people at me who were in no way compatible. They weren't even in my geographic area at times.



I had the same response from Chemistry.com about them angling out of their 3 month gurantee. They even said that the promotion was not listed on my account even though that's the reason I signed up on their home page. I have a fair amount of sucess from other website so I'm guessing it's not my profile. They said it was not money back but 3 extended months, but that they would not even be offering that.

Saga Verge

Since several monthgs I can't access www.matchdoctor.com anymore.
Does someone be able to give info why the page stays black ? Do I have to rearrange settings or cookies or ... ???
All help very very appriciated. Thanks

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