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Artur Zotov

Dear Mark,

i am the guy who actually has written this particular PR.

1) "press releases...and they're scary"

Can you please clarify what exactly in terms of English is scary there?

2)"You MUST get your English right on your website"

Not to get into peculiarities of English and not intending to get some lessons of English from you, can you point out, if this is ever possible, where exactly on our site we need to get our English right?



P.S. Kyrgyzstan is not Russia, nor our company is a Russian one. I could follow your example and tell you "get right with your geography" but i wouldn't do it.

Mark Brooks

From your press release...

- Shark dating business software 1.0 is determined to make a dating business profitable.

- This is implemented via number of business tools that help dating businessmen manage their dating website better.

- Finally, Shark 1.0 will calculate performance ratios to create business reports and even provide forecast for various parameters.

- Shark 1.0 is the first dating software that unites power of fast and stable engine...

- Users features include ability of site members to easily navigate through user panel.

- There is also advanced search to enlarge the chance to find a perfect match...

- Media gallery functionality is based on drag-and-drop technology, which helps users find their way around gallery.

- "Extremely reliable profit oriented Shark 1.0 dating software was in the thorough development process by the team of BoonEx specialists for a year."

- This defined new approach to software architecture based on modular system with secure and stylishness in mind.

- As the result, Shark 1.0 offers top-of-the-line security system

- This is a new approach to support that offers power of collaboration

- It was initially organized from group of smaller companies and new attracted professionals with experience in software development...

- BoonEx Group has over 50 full-time employees, all with great professional background...

- Currently BoonEx Group announced four software - Ray, Shark, Barracuda and Dolphin.

Quite simply, it's the worse press release I've ever seen.

From your website home page...

- With BoonEx, you get highly stable and scalable software, development-quality features and exceptional service.

- Tested and Proven on Functioning Web Sites
BoonEx is a custom software development company with a different approach.

- After extensive testing on projects we own and operate, we package and resell our software to you.

- All BoonEx products are supported via BoonEx Club - a great system, which combines power of cutomers' collaboration and support team professionalism.

- BoonEx Club offersfree support via forums, premium support via forums, documentaion.

The website is a lot better. It looks great. Nice graphics. But your text is very poor I'm afraid.

Your programming could be A1, but as a potential customer I'd be very concerned about your attention to detail. This would leave me doubtful of the underlying quality.

Just get an english native to check everything and you'll be fine. You could hire someone on You're way off on your english and you'll lose business because of it.

Mark Brooks

Artur Zotov

Well, thank you very much for all these remarks. I will review them and our site texts to assure comprehensible English. Thank you for the idea of hiring English native to check everything.

Mark Brooks

Send me your next press release final version and I'll review it before you push it out, if you like.

Mark Brooks

Alexander Shetinin

Hi Artur, Hi Mark,

Though I'm not a huge fan of the multiplying dating software providers from Kyrgyzstan but I've gotta tell u they r doing better and better. The progress is obvious.
It's a funny thing but like the old saying goes, "U r right and u r right too."
Artur certainly made a valid point with Mark's inability to say Kyrgyzstan from Russia. Mark, u got D in geography.
On the other hand, Mark stressed an actual problem with Artur's team. And it's not just about English but rather about the marketing strategy chosen. Why press-release? Are u seeking funding, r u trying to promote the product? Who r u targeting with this move?
The very essence of this press-release as it's been written is a product promotion. But then who reads this sh-t among your targeted audience of small businesses?
If u are trying to reach sources of venture capital, then Mark is right. Your language is not appropriate in the context.
In a nutshell, it's not about English per say but the style and format used for a particular media. Nobody swears at a church and that's what u, guys, did.
Though it's great that Mark himself offered u some help but as for Craiglist, it wasn't a good piece of advice.
U guys, need to build a marketing campaign, including but not limited to research, naming, branding, planning, promotion, analysis, rather than to have somebody to proofread your bold statements.
It's a waste of time and $$$ and could be considered a gambling unless you determine your own goals that go beyond "I want to be rich."
I have been over it with a few Internet businesses including online dating and it’s Business-to-Business white labeling hand. As an example, I personally interviewed 18 marketing companies from Toronto and New York picking 1 to build and lead the campaign. And I had 2 different marketing companies and 2 different marketing campaign targeting 2 different markets with B2C and B2B.
Only a sophisticated marketing campaign can get u some return, only a very close interaction with your marketing professionals can make your goals come to reality, only a deep knowledge of your targeted audience can make your campaign work, only a constant analysis, tracking and optimizing can get u results at a price u want. Can anyone from the Craiglist help u with this? I doubt it. Is your English a major stumbling stone here? I don't think so?

Good luck, Artur. And let me know if u want to capitalize on the experiences of a Toronto, Canada-based dating Application Service Provider.

Mark Brooks

Press releases are simple and cheap. They get you exposure on OPW, help you get SEO ranking and hits and so, not a bad bang for your time buck...if you do them right.

Mark Brooks


All this boonex stuff should be carefully investigated. People might want to check out details:

Artur Zotov

I will Mark, thank you for assistance.

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