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Unfortunately Adultfriendfinder has lot's of fake/incorrect content starting from ads and up to whole profiles.


I found the interview very interesting. Thanks . I also wanted to notice to you that you can contact me if you'd like to organise an interview with the boss of, one the major and popular dating site in Europe.


A while back someone posted an ad on Adultfriend saying they were a 13 year old girl and using my daughter's AOL handle as her handle in the ad. The zip code used was also close to ours. Some pervert IM'ed her on AOL and tried to meet her. I truned it over to the police and FBI.

I also notified the web site and Andrew himself, requesting the offending ad be removed immediately. I got no response from either e-mail (though neither bounced).

Angela Crisp

Friendfinder.Inc is the most anti-woman, female bashing site on the net today. They will lie to your face, call you names, and destroy your contacts through the site at will. It is not an accident the ratio on all their sites is 10 males to 1 female. They really dislike and distrust women. It is not an accident that they promote abuse against teen girls as the commentator mentions above, women are simply not important to them, nor is our safety. Now they are owned by Penthouse Mag so I doubt the treatment of women will improve, unless you are Pet, and are willing to pose nude.

free online dating

i have not used friendfinder, but have to say i am really not impressed with what i have read about it so far, being a woman myself, i think i will give this one a wide birth

Jackie C.

Members of this site are sometimes obviously fake. The company will no doubt tell you they only have limited control of this, but in reality they are exactly behind it. I am guessing they create a huge network of worldwide individuals to work the members for money.
You will receive a host of emails from members who appear to be interested in you, and they will string you along with all sorts of stories, telling you they definitely want to meet you and you are “the one for them” and, especially, “I found your profile very interesting,” and “I was attracted to your profile most of all.” They will have fake members tell you anything to get you to pay or string you along.
The site is completely loaded with fake and shill profiles, and they no doubt have hundreds if not thousands of shills and con artists ready to work over your emotions to make you feel like you’re getting somewhere with them and headed towards a meeting, but you’ll always, ALWAYS fall short.
Hallmarks of their shill members are: horrible punctuation and grammar, wanting to chat with you on yahoo (they all have yahoo chat accounts), great interest in you and your profile, excuses for not having a phone or phone number, wanting you to visit them or getting you to send them money to visit you, inability to talk in depth about themselves (because they are faking being someone), and talking in the third person! (“this person” instead of “I” or “me” which is a psychological barrier people encounter when having to lie about themselves – they naturally do not want to and start to disassociate themselves from their “lie” persona, referring to themselves in the third person).
The friendfinder network includes,,,,,,,, and, of course, AdultFriendFinder (a very well known scam site).
These "members" collect your private information by engaging you in yahoo chats and will take your number to text you VIA yahoo SMS. They will display what initially appears to be genuine interest in you, but it’s all a complete lie.

Mark Brooks

I used to work for FriendFinder as an affiliate manager. FriendFinder had and still has a team of people working on their abuse team to fight scammers, spammers, the illegally obscene and the obnoxious. They don't catch everyone. Broadly speaking there are three lines of defense. Initial profile reviews. Automated detection. And user flagging.

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