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Mark - How are you defining social networks? I'd argue that LinkedIn is much more of a social network than Flickr, for example.

barb elgin, lcsw-c

great question above - yeah mark what's the difference between a social network site, business network site and dating site?


There's a much more complete list here:


Mark Brooks

A dating site is for those interested in entering into a dating and/or sexual relationship. Social networks are focused on friendships. Business networks are focused on business relationships and introductions.

Thanks for the list link. I have selected a couple more for the list here. Nice work. I'll focus on the popular social networks. i.e. those with good Alexa ranks.

Mark Brooks
editor, onlinepersonalswatch.com


Another example of a great idea for social networking is being shown in www.citytherapy.com , which is a pan-European travel/entertainment and social networking website covering Europe's most vibrant cities- London, Paris, Barcelona, Milan and Brussels. The idea is to combine online social networking with offline European city entertainment for the European jetsetting community.

The city dweller of today is as comfortable spending the weekend in Barcelona as Brussels. Recent trends of European integration, discount airfares and the rise of the migrating urbanite have brought Europe's cities closer than ever before- barely a baguette's throw away. And Europe is thriving.

The traveller is assertive in these style conscious and consumer savvy times- they may be cash rich but time is expensive and quality is a priority. They want a unique and authentic experience as well as quality restaurants, quality hotels and the best places to hang out.

CityTherapy contains over 1000 detailed descriptions of the best Europe has to offer- bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels and shops as well as a constantly updated real time stream of the latest and coolest events, concerts, gigs and exhibitions. CityTherapy is the perfect pre-trip adviser on Europe's best cities and their best kept secrets.

CityTherapy also includes interactive profiles of other city dwellers and where they play, shop, eat and drink. Why? Because who better to advise on a city than someone living, loving and enjoying that city?
Citytherapy is an online social community and the travelling/urbanite members contribute the inside info from their cities.

CityTherapy feels that Europe's big cities are interconnected by a new travelling generation of urbanites whose profiles and interests are the same irrespective of nationality. The idea is that CityTherapy connects a European urbanite network with the best bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, shops and events Europe has to offer.

Trevor Dun

GolfSpinner - Social Network for Golfers



www.playahead.com in Sweden
www.arto.dk in Denmark
www.epuls.pl in Poland

Mark Brooks

Thanks so much for the additions. I've added them to the list.

I'll define what I believe to be a true social network. A social networking website is any website that shows peoples profiles and also gives some visibility as to who their social network is comprised of. Friends, links, business contacts... A social network must show a persons connections, otherwise it's really something other than a social network. A site that has simply grown through viral word-of-mouse but does not give visibility into users social network is not a social network.

Mark Brooks
editor, onlinepersonalswatch.com


Mark, I have looked a little bit at Playahead and Arto.dk. They also seem to have a mobile version of their network. Could you see this? and also, what is your feed back on that sort of social networking?


Mutual Friends is our social networking and friendship site, and is gaining some ground in the UK. We have about 40,000 users so far. We're focussing on "real life", and this means we have real-life events organised by members.


And the URL is http://www.mutualfriends.com


HumSubka.com Aims to Revolutionise Indian Social-Networking Market

New Delhi,
Saturday, 09 Sep 2006:

HumSubka.com is hoping to take social networking to a new realm. Launched in the last week of May 2006, HumSubka.com is a new social networking website on the block with a refreshing look and loads of features to attract people of all ages and interests. With an ever increasing number of users, HumSubka.com targets to have 1 million users by the end of this financial year.

HumSubka is a virtual world within itself. The centerpiece is the Personalized-Home-Page — a member's virtual ‘Personality-Reflection’. A registered user creates a Personal Web Page or "mini-home", on the site and sends invitation to other people to join him/her online. New members repeat the process, hence, increasing the number of people in the circle. At the Personalized-Home-Page, users fill out their profile information, share their photo gallery, maintain blogs, create Forums & Groups, and even chat with friends that are online.

"Once Indians see the value of HumSubka, they'll make sure their friends and families use it," said Avnish Saxena, VP, Marketing and Sales of HumSubka, who himself shares his family photographs through the website with his friends across the globe. "We're here to build a meaningful, good community of Indians", he added.

HumSubka’s development center is located in Delhi and is promoted and privately funded by a US based company in California. Still in its beta version, the site has already been bookmarked by thousands of users across the globe.

Anil Jindal, CEO of LAN Services L.L.C. and one of the promoters of HumSubka, acclaimed, “This site will be an online hub for Indians across the globe with user-generated content, where a user can create content, share his profile and connect with others who love his personality traits.”

Critics question how an Indian company with fewer than 10 employees can compete against social networking giants like MySpace, owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., which has more than 100 million member profiles, or Facebook, which as more than 7.5 million members in high schools and colleges.

Even if it catches on with its target audience of people in their late teens, business experts say HumSubka, like Friendster or Hi5, could be eclipsed by a trendier site in the crowded social networking niche.

"If we tried to create a Yankee-Doodle-and-NASCAR site, it would be a big mistake," said Avnish Saxena, "Our marching orders are to create a global site. India is so multi-cultural that if we can make it here we would have a scalable model that could be embraced in Europe and elsewhere."

“A social network is a social structure made of nodes which are generally individuals or organizations. It indicates the ways in which they are connected through various social familiarities ranging from casual acquaintance to close familial bonds”, said Mr. Jindal in an Interview recently. “This is a phenomenon we’re seeing not only in the U.S., but also around the world. The challenge for social networking sites will now be monetization and how advertisers will respond to the global marketing potential of these sites.”

Social networks can also be organized around business connections, as for example in the case of HumSubka. It provides business community a full web page, with no charges, to display and market their products and services with unlimited pictures and features description. Above all, the advertising companies can now develop the audio & video clips about their products and upload the same under their respective public profile page to promote a particular brand. This would certainly reduce the advertising cost and will boost the awareness amongst the web surfers for the brands available in the market. Social networking websites, like HumSubka, have initiated a revolution in the advertising world by providing a lucrative and cost effective medium for the small as well as medium scale businesses.


playtxt - mobile location based friends network

Danny Graves

A new social networking site which focuses on the international rugby community is www.RuggerSpace.com

Danny Graves

RuggerSpace.com an international rugby community website.


Rate Meet People Online!
Do I like U? Post your pic, see how liked you are - get rated, meet people online!
Totally accidentally I found DoIlikeU.com, and I put my pic there to see if other people like me or not. I even started to rate other people on that website, and then in a few days I received an email that some girl wants to meet me there. I accepted her invitation and right now we are dating. I sent a BIG thank-you to owners of that site, and this is my little help to them and to everyone who wants to meet some hot people like I did.. Thanks to them, again!


Hey another good networking site that's on the come up is www.youonit.com

J.L. Allyn

Here's one to add to your list of social networking sites. It is IconDrive.com (http://www.icondrive.com), a self-described "social online destination navigation network."

What is unique about IconDrive.com is that it allows you to define your favorite online destinations on a small GPS-style navigation screen that resides on the right side of your computer screen. With it you can take rides to, and allow your friends to ride with you, to all your favorite web sites, web pages, search engines, and all other forms of online content.

It's really different from anything you've seen and the use of the clickable favicons of each online destination saves space and gives you freedom from so much reading hyperlink text. And the Keyword Compartment frees you from typing keywords at sites and search engines you want to search.


You should add http://friendsite.com to your list. FriendSite is the right mix of facebook and myspace.. with facebook style networks and myspace style music, urls and fully customizable profiles.

http://friendsite.com is free to join and use, you can add friends, upload and store photos, download photos free to your mobile, send sms's, send messages and smiles, setup groups and evites, add listings, blog, create opinion polls and much more.

Join http://friendsite.com today - it's free!


You should add http://www.yippi.com to you list. Yippi gives all of its users a chance to be discovered in the field of their choice.

http://www.yippi.com is free to join and use. You can add friends, upload photos. Yippi has also gone mobile. you can check all of your messages,bulletins,comments,blogs and more by using your cell phone. All you have to do it type in http://mobile.yippi.com. Check it out!


Delhi friendship clubs are fraud.Friends Soni Friendship network is ultimately fraud, they duped lot of guys by taking 5000 rupees.They given only wrong numbers for contacts.Soni network is ultimately fraud


Hi, you are missing http://www.matchAdream.com in the niche category. It is a dream sharing social networking site where people can post their dreams and find others who have had the same dream.



over 560 (and growing daily) social networks listed, categorized with thumbs.


A new business network I found is called ArenAsia.
This one is for Professionals doing business in or with Asia.

Paul Cooke

It’s massive in Sweden and now is over here. With ThePhotodiary.com you can easily upload and share your images totally free of charge. If you have experienced something fun, like visited a music festival, been on vacation or seen a very strange looking dog – store your images in an album and let your friends and the world know. Go ahead, describe your day with images and words. In addition to functions such as a guest book and the facility for visitors to comment on your photos there are plenty of ways of finding photodiaries of interest to you, e.g. via our forum or global albums. If you are looking for something in particular or have any other comments, please let us know via the forum, email or our photodiaries. If you are a user you are our friend, and we are always interested in what our friends have to say.

Sweden http://bilddagboken.se/
Denmark http://www.billeddagbog.dk/
Norway http://www.bildedagboka.no/
International http://www.thephotodiary.com/

Paul Cooke

Don't forget the massive Swedish site Lunarstorm


Paul Cooper

http://findasocialnetwork.com is a search engine that lists thousands of niche and special interest social networks. Anyone can submit their own social network for inclusion for free.

Amanda (name withheld)

Do you still think friends are those to who you confide you deepest thoughts to ?

True friends still rule, social networks suck...I like www.conphess.com because I can bare my heart out, I like it, it is straight up real, no BS, just confess.


There are some other neat types of social networks out there not mentioned in this. for example, http://www.thefamilyforest.com is a great social networks for families and family tree building.

Amanda (name withheld)

thanks for pointing out Austin, here is link to the website..http://www.conphess.com


Let's not forget ClutterMe.com for personal homepage creation.


I would also like to list Rhyo Communites which is a new Social Networking Platform for indians in US. www.rhyo.com


Zigime.com is a newcomer to the social networking arena. Picking up where most of the present social networking sites have left off, Zigime.com has many unique features and one that's especially cool - the Friend Manager feature will be a welcome relief for the many members who love to collect hundreds of thousands of friends and then be able to search and sort by age, gender and location.


I just discovered your website and I would like to suggest DrConnected to your list.

DrConnected.com is a Social Network developed for Doctors, Physicians, Allied Health.


Very very good list of social networking sites. Probably the best so far i have seen on the internet.
Thank you so much

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