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“You can’t go to sex dating sites and expect to come away with anything accept a higher credit card bill. But dating online is work.”

I have some think similar in my maid. I am sure it is not so logistic to have or to do dating for money. What do you think? I am trying to open absolutely free and absolutely open dating system – I have more then 200 members! All members published his data on the base of online request and they can change it later. All is absolutely free!

Christian Dating Australia

We operate a Christian Dating website at . Obviously it's a niche that will not appeal to everyone, but for those it does we offer our service completely free of charge at this stage. Not everything has to result in a big credit card bill, there are still those out there who just want to help people!

NewStyle Dating

I think more dating site's like yours should be free, i think that paying in order to brows profiles and writing them is a bit over the line....

I would not pay for that service knowing how big the web is... but hey thats just me ;)


I disagree when you mention free dating sites because the best quality dating sites are the ones that are paid.

One thing you know for sure is that someone on a paid dating site is actively looking for a partner. How are you sure of that? Because they've reached into their wallet and pulled out their credit card to be there. When people have actually paid money to do something, they tend to follow through.

Free sites are filled with prentenders of all sorts. Kids that are goofing around, married people discreetly looking for someone to fool around with, or in a lot of cases automated bots which aim to take you to some sleezy paid webcam link. Stick to the paid services and I'm sure you'll be happy with what you find.

Good luck!

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