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I get the heebie-jeebies when dating sites like True make outrageous claims they are the safer dating site. True has hundreds of felons and married people on there site and Vest isn't suing them.

Their tests are required. True uses information from these test without disclosing the true purpose, which is to race profile for their marketing purposes. Nor does True's so called Free trail offer reveal the billing scam going on.

Never do any of the test at True, nor give them a credit card. Free should mean you don't need to put up a credit card. True free offer will cost you months of frustration and cash.

I have found the one making the big claims is usual the one to look out for.


For detail of True deceptive and sleazy business practices.

Go To

James Henry

I would be careful with all online dating sites. If your going to do it then run a background check on the person your going to meet. Better safe than sorry.

Free Background Checks

I agree with never know whos out there.

Oksana Boichenko

Background check is a good thing - in spite of the fact that all scam profiles are rejected, dating sites' admins can check the criminal background - I think it's necessary.

Greg Lander

I have to say yes and no! If you want a service that does the background checks you will pay alot for thedating site fees and no one wants to pay for dating sites.So i think most people are carfull within todays society,knowing that ther is a chance you may meet someone crazy.

Greg Lander


Online dating can be scary. I know in my personal experience I have had some close calls with men that I have met offline. My friend told me about being proactive and doing background checks on the men BEFORE we meet in person. I wasn't really sure how that worked, do I hire a PI? She said that there are sites out there that will do a fast easy and cheap background check and all you need is the persons name and email address. She uses BeenVerified so I went to their website and for like $10 I did a criminal check on a new guys I was talking to. They can check the persons identity, criminal past, marriage/divorce certificates and its super easy. I highly recommend taking charge of your safety and do background checks before you meet someone for the first time.


I'll just stay single for a while. Went on 2 internet dates in my life. One was mental, the other bizarre. Luckily, I didn't meet a sociopath or homicidal maniac. However, with my luck this year, it could only be a matter of time.


Courtney Brand

I didn't realize that online dating could be so risky. But background checks can be costly. I have read about many happy dating experiences and sites in forums so it can't all be bad.

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