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"We've never done any marketing. The key to the success has really been creating a product that has proven to be popular. "

Thats a good laugh.

I guess i'm just imagining the hundreds of fake spam emails i get from bebo, and birthdayalarm.

Apparently there is some downloadable app that goes and spams your address book?

There also seem to be hundreds of posts in google groups complaining about birthday alarm and bebo spam.


Une jolie rencontre gratuite avec ce blog très sympas où les hommes et les femmes peuvent dialoguer par chat, se rencontrer et vivre une aventure.

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thanks for the link about the downloadable app that spams your address book - this happened to a few friends of mine and they didnt know how it happened

link wheel

What's your story Adam?
After school I moved to New York City and I worked as a financial manager for Prudential. From there I decided I wanted to run my own company and I started a website for college students which was called CollegeU and we ran a discount card program for students and local businesses. I had a friend who was working at Yahoo, and he convinced me to join Yahoo in New York, where I worked for a number of years. I worked with clients such as Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, American Express. I met Damian, the owner of my current company through some of my Yahoo friends and decided to move to Toronto to start building SexSearch.

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