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Fernando Ardenghi

Two great mistakes, as he said:

"The challenge for smaller players is to provide some kind of value-add in terms of CONTENT or user experience. "

"The 18-24 sector can be a predictor of what will happen for the rest of the online dating space."

I DO NOT agree at all!!!

The challenge for smaller players is to offer an innovative dating method == high precision personality matching.

Two segments:
* 13_to_25_years_old_persons (teenagers) not interested in serious dating, ENTERTAINMENT == instant gratification.

* 26_and_more_years_old_persons interested in serious dating, will need quality CONTACTS.

Kindest Regards,

Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.
[email protected]


Mark - I wish you would have asked him to comment on the widespread belief that sites can game their hitwise ranking. The industry would be better off if there were more accurate ways to compare sites; OPW can play a big role in doing that.

Jonathan Lewis of

that was impressive!

I mean two spot those big mistakes!


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