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Markus Frind

The greatest call to action is during an IM conversation. Who ever puts this into a Instant messenger first will be the company that wins.

James. J.

You could put it in a IM client, but members wouldn't pay extra for it when they have many other free VoIP options like Skype, Gtalk etc. At least with anonymous calling services using the telephone there is some justification for charging for it, like not having to be tied to a computer.

Brenda Neale

I was hunted by stalkers on lavalife intimate. They produced hundreds of mens profiles, check the wayout countries and you will see them all. They all have the same height 5.11 and were produced around the same day. They steal photos from other online dating sites and information from the people they talk to. They also targeted the children in my family through their bebo sites. Most of their profiles are in the Gold Coast in Qld, Qld, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney North in Australia. They are crazy.

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