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You're the only one that likes From what I understand you are on their payroll. The concern is date bait and True, which is accused of that and much more. What they are doing is baiting the user so they will continue memberships at 50 bucks a pop. True's owner and wife are on the site. What happen to no married people allowed? They are breaking their own rules. "Undermoose" and "fite" use the chat room and contact other members. So if they are married and are contacting others once again their claims are false and their system doesn't work. True proved their background checks don't work when they failed to discover Dr. Wells

Something else I would like to know. True claims they are wholesome and safe. The ads True is putting out are sleazy. On True uses the women members as bait and ask people to vote for the hottest girl. There is another lawsuit waiting to happen.

I have seen details of Vest's former fiancee's claims and lawsuit and with what Vest is doing it is consistent with her claims.

It is a matter of months when True goes belly up! The legal problems alone are going to sink this ship! Vest suing Dr. Jim Houran his own expert. When the details go public True is dead. Vest blocking his own background against lawsuit with his ex-fiancee shows what a hypocrite he is. President Bush can't stop leaks from his own office what makes Vest think he can hide his dirty secrets. Sealing a file doesn't' preclude her from speaking out or doing an interview with a major news program either.

Mark you may think of jumping ship before you destroy your creditability!

Tim Horrigan

The "Elle McPherson" photo featured in the TV clip was indeed a model, but it wasn't Elle McPherson.


"The profile used in this video looks to me like a test profile. Not date bait, but a profile that an employee might put up to test the site." When an employee contacts a member using a test profile, I believe that is called date bait.

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