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Friendfinder isn't a dating company, they are a porn network. They stream porn through their streamray network and AFF is purely adult. I created a new email account signed up to aff and sent out 15 emails. I got back 5 automated responses from escorts and spambots promoting other sites, and no one else replied.

I find the quote from spark networks really funny. "She had not heard of any cases of Nigerian scams on the site." Users constantly complain that Americansingles is full of nigerian spammers and that is the main reason they leave. Lots of people also complain that yahoo is a personals graveyard and full of russian scams.

I hear 0 complaints about eharmony when it comes to scams/spam. also gets few complaints.

Sam Moorcroft,

Hey, Markus and I agree for once:-) (esp. about Friend Finder).

We got tired of the Nigerian 419 scams, Russian and Ukranian visa scams, scammers from China and India cheating our affiliate program, etc. So, about 1.5 years ago, we mass blocked wholesale sections of the 3rd World, including the above, as well as most of Africa. (We did this via an IP service which updates IP's globally every month).

The result? Scams dropped to negligible amounts, as they couldn't get into our site anymore (they can't even see our homepage). Chargebacks dropped dramatically. Complaints just about ceased.

We still get the odd 419 scam, but it is rare. Any Nigerian scammers or those from other blocked countries who do manage to get in (by using a or .fr ISP) get purged every night.

But, did we lose business from these banned countries? The short answer is no. People outside the 1st World can't afford our services, for the most part, anyway. In places like Nigeria, we can't recall more than 1 or 2 legitimate payments ever, since we started, back in 1999 (those 1 or 2 were US cash mailed to us).

We did get rupees once from India. It was useless to us, as our bank wanted more than the rupees were worth to cash them (as the amount was so small). I think we still have them as a souvenir somewhere in our offices.

If other sites did what we did, their scammers would disappear, for the most part, too. Of course, you are always going to have gullible people in your system, who will happily mail $10,000 to some Nigerian in the UK. But, those people can't be helped. "Fools and their money..." as the saying goes.

David Evans

Mark, you disputed my figure, so what do you think is the percentage of fake profiles on dating sites?

Emil Sarnogoev, LoveCompass Personals

We at LoveCompass did terrific job to prevent scam.

We did smarter than just blocking IPs, we don't allow people to join from a list of countries, we don't allow people to subscribe from another list of countries. We implemented automatic and semi-automatic filters for identifying scammers' behavior, we implemented tools for reporting misbehaving persons. We educate our members to identify scam. But we didn't stop at this, we even created a list of scammers caught on our sites with emails, usernames, photos for people from other dating sites who seek info about people suspected in scam.

At this point if you ask me if there's any significant amount of scam/spam on LoveCompass (surely, I'm not trying here to convince you that anyone can eliminate ALL scam and fake profiles) I will firmly answer no.

Emil Sarnogoev
LoveCompass Personals

Emil Sarnogoev, LoveCompass Personals

Link to our dating scam list:


Singlesnet is the greatest pile of crap, and it cost me $60 to find out. They do nothing about the most obviously bogus profiles - with which the service is infested - when it is brought to their attention.

You can find them all there. The girls who need money for the mother's operation, the U.K. girls who are in Nigeria right now and need the money to get back ... I play along with them now for the laugh.

The only advice I could give to anyone is, read all of the anti - scam sites first, and as everyone keeps saying: SEND NO MONEY !!!


You sign up for a membership on a website. Someone mails you and says to reply to an address at a free email site like yahoo for some fake reason. Your account expires, you do not sign back up. The person you have been 'communicating' with on the free site all of a sudden mails you at the personals site. (you know because the personals site sends mail to your outside email address) You login but can't see the email unless you RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP so you can READ YOUR EMAIL. Hmm...Who's the scammer here? An individual posting the ad? An admin for the personals site? ..who has someone to write a 'clever' auto-replying email program that decides what kind of pre-written generic email to send you based on the time of your last reply, whether you sent photos, etc.
DONT GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION like birthday, etc. If you do, you get what you deserve!

Someone tried it on me. To protect myself, I won't name the very popular professional looking singles site this happened to me on. Just keep an eye open for this pattern. This is America, where people will try to f*** you out of your money 8 days a week. It's your job to STOP and THINK when there is a exchange of money at stake.

Anonymous fraud alert!!

If you are a member you will be offered to participate in a "free" personality test. Based on this test they automatically make up a profile that then gets distributed to other innocent paying users such as myself. As a result paying users get "matched" with non-suscribers that never checked their accounts because THEY DONT HAVE ONE. You will get matched 95% of the time with individuals such as New Member. See description below.

Chemistry has selected New Member as a match for you based on the profile information we have received at this point. You can see how you match at this stage in the chart below. When New Member completes his entire Chemistry Profile, you’ll be able to learn more about him.

But so far, it’s looking good.
Yeah, right! should be sued!!


I just wanted people to know about two websites that seem to offer bogus profiles. The first is and I have included a message (in the profile) from a member:

As a guest member on this site, I was receiving quite a few unsolicite d e-mail inquiries from various ladies every few days. After I paid my 90-day membership fee, all incoming inquiries STOPPED completely . Further, when I wrote to the girls who had first written to me, it always took them 3 to 4 days to reply back and the replies ALWAYS lacked substance.

After talking about my experience with some other guys who had also been snookered by this site, we decided that most, if not all, of the women were totally bogus. They were there for the sole purpose of luring guys like me into paying their fee, then they never wrote again.

Thus, the site is a total fraud. A rip-off.
If you pay to use this site, you got ripped off, pure and simple.

If you are a paying member and have the ability to e-mail others, please look up who is currently listed as ONLINE. Then have it list only the males. Then copy and paste the contents of this profile into an e-mail from you to as many male members (both guest and paying) as you can.

And if you are not a paying member, my advice is not to pay to reply to any of the incoming e-mails you may have received. As attractive as any of them are, they are no more real than the babe you see shown in this profile.

Good luck in your hunt.

Also I found I had a similar experience with Be careful what you pay for>


Alexander Shetinin

The opening line of the article is just ridiculous as well as any other stats regarding the online dating industry.
"Markus Frind, of Plentyoffish, estimates that scammers operating on Internet dating sites steal at least $100 million a year."
Is he a mind reader? Or did the jornalist have a clue what he was writing about?
Scammers, spammers and cr.card fraud are certainly issues for any paying dating site. But who counted, I'm wondering.
The industry is highly fragmented and very mobile. New players come and go. If there are sources to estimate traffic, it's next to impossible to draw any conclusion when it comes to internal affairs such as revenue, P&L, number of real users.
Even being a part of a public company reveals numbers using an eyedropper.
How could any1, including Markus Frind, know?
When it comes to fraud, blocking IP's at the ISP level is the simplest solution. A few real users may be lost eventually but the saving on chargebacks will compensate for it many times over.
We also used a comparison of the address indicated by a user with his real location determined by his IP captured and stored.
That's a very effective way, leaving about 5% of all payees suspended till the further investigation by the customer service crew.
Since then we haven't had any chargeback.

Good Luck to every1.
Alexander Shetinin
[email protected]

Michael McNease

The lady that claims she's from here, D.C. is in Nigeria right now, and says she needs 1250 to get back to her home in the U.S. and she keeps on harassing me saying I love you and all this stuff...etc. Here's her email address: [email protected]


Here is another one. Lucy appears on Black people Meet and then immediately wants you to email here at

I knew she was a scam but she continued to try to ruse me in. Didn't work. The scammer wasted time


I just wanted to add the following sites as totally fraudulent...
Mate1 (mostly, though I did have a couple of affairs with women there)
SexSearch & all of their Affiliates (totally bogus)
Ashley Madison
Remember....if you get email from any site where the woman says..."email me" or "let's chat" or "write me"....DON'T. You will pay the price. These are either totally bogus profiles made up by the website or paid guns whose sole purpose is to separate you from your money.

streamray thieves

i'm writing to warn about the thieves that run streamray & how after joining their affiliate program & generating a considerable amount of hits & money using there ppc(pay per click) program & establishing a steady flow of potential customers to their friendfinder sites(which i've found out since is full of more scam artists out to profit off of money &/or information they can get from the very few legitimate members who haplessly join)they sent me an email claiming that my traffic had slipped when infact the meticulous numbers i keep & the screenshots i saved from their very own summary statements on their site show that thats not only untrue but a flat out lie,i've pulled all their links from my sites & have started a campaign warning people,,,Don't Trust Streamray or ANY on of the Frienfinder sites,,,THEIR ALL SCAM ARTISTS !!!

Dick Peligro

I think you may find the following blog, which recounts my experience with Singlesnet, to be of some interest:

"The Sirens of Cyberspace: Sailor, Beware!"


Do not subscribe to Horney Matches or Hot Adult Locals; Scams;


I want to second an earlier oppinion on affairmatch. I found several cash advance scams, and the emails all ignored any suggestion to meet in person. Finally, I gave up when my best lead was clearly trying to sell chat services. Many of the phoney profiles could not keep track of their story iether. I would consistantly get information from emailers that completely contradicted the original profile. In retrospect, i believe I even recieved an email that vaguely suggested I was being had.


Dear All,
The above makes very interesting reading, especially the "brits" and "Americans" living in Nigeria after their 'dad died' Till now, they haven't asked me for any money (which obviously I won't give. maybe some of you heard of Be careful and take care


I've only been on a week and have had at least a dozen flirts and e-mails from bogus matches. The one clue is, if you look in the "interests" and they aren't even shown looking at your profile, its a scam. They will chat with you for a few times, then give you a prescripted story about why they are stranded in Africa. I can't believe how many 23yr old white girls are stranded in Africa.


I met a girl who tried to scam me out of money for traveling pees she asked for money for a new passport airfair and even tried to make me pay for something called a RAM fee. her email is [email protected]


I've been on for over five months and recently encountered a few suspicious profiles from a couple women. Both wanted to e-mail to an outside Yahoo account, and asked for a photo and more information on myself. One was kicked off soon after and I reported the other and she disappeared too. But then a few days later reappeared, with a different photograph and different age. The bogus profiles are pretty vague, and the photos look too professionally done, like they were real models, and not real people.

I've noticed also on some other suspicious profiles, especially young women looking for men ranging in age from 21-121. I'm curious about those. Most recently I got a couple matches on Two of the profiles were pretty generic and did not match well with a person of their respective profession, such as a teacher with only "some college" who can't spell or use grammar well. Also, a "nurse" and a "teacher" with professionally airbrushed photos of what I think are the same person. I suspect these fake profiles are thrown out there now and then to lead on suckers (Like Me?) to keep going and continue their memberships.

I once had a much younger female housemate who would go out with her girlfriends and take along one really good looking female friend, who they used as "bait" to lure guys close enough for them to start talking to.


mr fed up

avoid the adult site 'amateurmatch' like the proverbial. on creating profile before subscribing i had 15 women writing to me. to read their messages? have to cough up, natch. subsequent messages were vague waffle with no reference at all to anything i'd replied with. worse many profiles clicking on the member's pic bring up another person! once online i IM'ed 12 supposed uk women. when the dialog box came up they all then lived in the us! the site support said there were a few dodgy profiles but i had no request for money, nor redirections to other sites. when on the site invitations often come up to IM, always from webcam girls, ie money needed, and the site has pic links all over it for webcam/porn sites. buyer beware, as in don't buy it!! for me, the profiles r probably all fakes, which would mean according to the site 4 million!!

Derek in MA

I got taken in by - they are totally bogus!!! Stay away from those slithery scam artists!! If you are a member (paying or not), GET OUT OF THERE...if you need to get your rocks off, there are a million escorts who will take your money, but at least provide a service! AffairMatch takes your money but provides no service!! Get the word out to anyone beyond these blogs, please!!!


I've been using a free account at H2HPersonals for several years. I think they're connected with Datopia. Recently 6-7 gorgeous young women really love me and want to come to Canada. Of course they all need money. It is sort of fun and no money changes hands. They all go away when they figure out I'm not a mark.


thankyou to all of you who shared all your stories on dating sites.they helped me in making an informed decision.i was close to joining several of them ei.amateurmatch..eroticity..wildmatch..anyone know of any legitimate dating sites??

thanks again


Hi folks,

just signed up with It is the a bigger piece of shit than In 3 days i have atleast 30 people who have requested that I send them email to another site. Some try to convince me to pay additonal money to talk to them other girls parent dies, other girls were abandoned as a kid. They all need money! I think something needs to be done about this. i can't believe that people actually falls for these scams.

Castrate the scammers

I quit Match (no renewal) and within a week I had a beautiful mid 20's girl wink at me. Real nice? When I pulled up her profile it showed she hadn't been active for OVER 3 WEEKS! Yet, she winked.

Everyone just quit and move to It is free. Who are they scamming? They even have less ads than myspace.


It is so amazing that we cannot play poker online (what percentage of population?) yet the billions LOST for chasing fake love cannot be regulated. I think "Raif" above has the right idea. Lets push congress to audit these fellas. I'm sure a couple hundred audits by the IRS and some other agency would make their lives miserable enough to straighten up or go to jail. Just think of the people at Neteller and how they got put in jail because of the new laws.


I've had problems with similar to those of the other people on this blog. As they did, I encountered once-every-three-days responses that "invited" me to chat rooms. During the final week of my membership month, I added to my profile message: "No fake profiles, please; I'm wise to that scheme." After that the responses slowed to a trickle and the ones that did come in were extremely venemous. Case closed.


These scams are old-hat to people who are experienced online,The dangers of the internet sites should be more widely talked about. These sites are riddled with scammers who prey on unsuspecting, naive victims. I've never heard of romance scams. I've heard of Nigerian scams which are quite different, where you send money to get money. That motive is greed. This other type of scam is much worse because you give everything and you get nothing but heartache and misery in return, not to mention the humiliation and embarrassment of being found out by family and/or friends.


Interesting reading here. I have tried several sites and believe at least 50% of the profiles are bogus. I have recieved messages from the same girl(same photo/ different name) more than once. singlesnet, sexsearch, xmatch all had mostly bogus profiles as far as I could tell. It's a dead givaway you are being scammed if you are asked to chat on another site. Some of these sites will not let you communicate if you are not a paid member....on sexsearch you cannot even read a message from a member if you are not paid up (it's FREE to look but thats all) I don't know which is the worst site out of all these. Horneymatch is a scam too. With all of the sites I mentioned Lots of women said lets meet in their first or second emails and at least 80% of the responses tried to lead me to another site. And I don't know how many times in the very first contact ( a message to me) I found the comment "Thanks for contacting me". In the beginning I always reported scam and spam to the site.....It was obvious the site was not doing anything about this because the profiles remained active. The worst and most obvious scam I personally found on one of these sites was an "invitation" from a pretty young lady (20-something) who claimed she was very interested in me and upon further investigation it turns out "she" was a "He" with the obvious motive to make money by lureing men to other sites. When I reported this individual as a scammer the profile dissappeared but several days later I got an email from a new name, with the same exact picture and all the same profile info... wouldn't you know the message was again inviting me to come to another site for free. We all know this other site wanted money to be able do anything or contact any of it's members


Ive been checking out for a couple of weeks and cant believe how many women are stranded in Africa, or no family or anyone to help them get back home.Or they need money for passport,or to pay for hotel they are stranded in...All scams, preying on innocent naive people is all they are doing.

Ross Williams

We've started using iovation to reduce scammers from a lot of sites on our network but we also try to educate users not to enter into communication with any suspicious profiles.

There is an element of common sense to be used here as well though - it's just that sometimes those who are single are most vulnerable and that common sense may falter if the scammer is very convincing.


Scammers are making alot of money out of innocent people simply looking to find that right partner or friend. That is one of the reasons why at we have chosen to offer a free service which we are constantly monitoring also. Yaar Dating is aimed at people who dont have time but want to make friends, find partners and communicate simply without being tied in.

Colin Bingham:

I own and run a free online dating site [] and like any owner/manager of a dating site have had my fair share of scammers signing up with bogus profiles. The question is what can be done about them? I believe that some or all of the following go some way to controlling the problem.
1. Check each profile, with no automatic approval.
2. Remove problem countries from the list of countries where members come from, e.g. Nigeria, Russia, Senegal and Ghana.
3. If you able to, block rogue countries [IP addresses] either at your hosting companies level or on your server.
4. Ask your members to contact to you if any scammers slip through the net so that you can take appropriate action.

Ron Sutherland

This is the first comment I have made about dating sites. Amateur Match is a total fraud and here is why. I received over 130 messages and wrote 40 women. I never received a response. The site sends messages with an OC in the upper right hand corner of the profile. The OC is a message that the site generates to stimulate discussion. When I stopped being a paying member, I received no messages at all.


After a few months of receiving three matchups a week during my free trial, after bying a month, the first week I received 2 or 3 scam emails a day, none wrote back except for three; ones letter was full of contradictions and poor grammar, it looked like it was read to a scribe of a foreign persuation. And the other two wanted me to email them for conversation outside the service, no replies yet, live and learn...
They now have deleted two photos I uploaded w/ no reason given, I'm not Pierce Brosnan but come on, most of the women they advertise aren't gems either.
Stay far away from these scam artists.

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No Fax Payday Loans

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I've just been baited by HorneyMatches. Wish I read your blog sooner. I should have known, their signup page said that any cashbacks (credit card denials) would be prosecuted as fraud! How rediculous is that. Fool me once....


I joined singlesnet and although had quite a few retarded ads hittin me, I did have three local chicks come over and after a year, am still in contact with one.. I met someone else and stopped my membership but then got out of the relationship and got back with singlesnet and scored again with another local... so yeah, the majority might be scams, but i know that there are a few that arent! I will probably join once more just to see what happens again..


WATCH OUT ON PLENTY OF FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there are numerous "girls" who are posing from your area (chose postal codes at random) Then you find out they are from malaysia, russia, or nigeria. You can figure this out quickly because they will fall for you almost immediately and ask you to email them on a yahoo or google account. These accounts are frequently used because they have not banned these countries IP addresses yet! the email address will also be sent to you as [email protected] and m*i*k*a*1*2*AT YAHOO DOT COM or some type of variation. anyways if you want to have a good laugh like I did tell them you will send them money but they have to set up a new bank account just for you to send thousands of dollars. THEY WILL because they are stupid a desperate :) It takes days and weeks to set up new accounts in these countries so you will be wasting their time and slowing their ability to stalk others. also do yourself a favor and set up a yahoo account. you then have the ability to right click the subject of an email your LADY has sent you and be able to see a full header. This gives you access to the originating IP address. You can trace it for free by searching in google for ip tracers. If its anywhere other than our country or something looks odd you are being scammed. but also guys and gals please create a "fake email" do not let the scammer have your regular email address, and do not put info down like address or real last name. DO NOT put a home phone number down, worst case use a cell number. DO NOT SEND RANDOM MONEY EITHER. Now Im not here to say that every woman or man is out to get you or scam you, but please do your research, if a girl tells you she has no phone but can call from a pay phone thats bad, if she says internet is too expensive and must use a her friends internet or cafe internet its not good either. they try to close the loop holes so you cant catch them in a lie or corner them to meet them when they have no ambition to ever see you. Trust me, its not rude to ask for legit information. this day and age, everyone knows there are scams online. So the true people out there looking for love, will understand their future counterpart needs reassurance.

Also analyze the emails he or she sends to you...look for grammar errors or inconsistencies. right click pictures they send to you, if they are numbered odd or have a name of someone other than the girl or guy you are talking to, those are NOT their pictures. look to see if they really answer your questions or they end up being vague and diverting from them. look for sob stories, that she lost both parents and caught her boyfriend cheating on her and her dog died the same week. they look to take advantage of you through pity. anyways I really hope this helps you guys, and stops atleast one person from being scammed.


The first commenter mentioned that there aren't eharmony scams but there are. I got emails from 2 scammers. For a week there were nice but suspiciously affectionate emails then the next week they were in Nigeria or Wales and needed money.


I was on POF and started a conversation with johnny1955-56
Things went real well at first. He fell madly in love with me right off (should have been a red flag) but being a widow and needing a male friend, I kept talking to him . Lonf story short, after weeks of IMing twice a day, He said he was almost done with the job in Mylasia, he was a Petro Chem engineer, and would soon fly in to my airport and we would be together. At the last minute, he had an emergency with a generator and ask me for 15,000.00 It all fell apart from there. He just kept on begging and finally I stopped talking to him. Needless to say he dropped me . I read up on online dating scams, and this was classic.By the way , he insisted that I get off of POF as soon as we started talking.


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