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Fernando Ardenghi

Many social networking sites realized / had understood that they will never make money or enough profit offering only the "networking concept". They morph to a CHEAP ADS CHANNEL, "an infomercial company on the web" promoting exclusive contents for members.

How "each and all" of these sites will differentiate their contents offers from their competitors will be a great endeavour, because they look all the same.

As MySpace was sold to a big corporation, and the VC's who previously invested in MySpace business model recovered their money increased many times; the new Friendster's CEO has a big challenge.

Kindest Regards,

Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.
[email protected]

I own the domain name

Please email me some ideas on how to make the best social networking website in the world.

I love the concepts that,, use.

I am planning on building a website on very soon.

Anyone have any great ideas on how to make this website very huge and popular?



..just combine all of important features on,,, such etc as:
-online status (myspace)
-blog builder (blogger)
-list import (hi5)
-personal pages (yahoo 360)
-add friend request system (friendster)
-instant message (myspace)
-friend search engine (ms+fs+hi5)
-friend browse (myspace)
-online (light n casual) games
-viewer log (just my idea, so we can know whoever viewed our profile)
-don't make the physic characteristic as prime field on register form, it's may make new users abort immediatelly fill their data.. just make the register process so simple
-how about short message through phonecell feature available directly from meetpeople? maybe as like YM..
-and don't forget the promotion before it release out.

anyway, so excited to wait for release! (and hope it always free of charge, hehe) great thank's

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well if you can combine facebook, with the others above, but without the technical glitches, they you will win by a mile


Online social networking is the defacto at the moment more and more websites are integrating social features it seems like social networking is here to stay.

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