OPW Exclusive Interview #4 - PerfectMatch's CEO - Online Personals Watch: News on the Online Dating Industry and Business

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Fernando Ardenghi

Dear Mark:

Do you know if that service/site is profitable?


Fernando Ardenghi
Buenos Aires
[email protected]

Glenn Gasner

Excellent Interview! I'd like to see 50 more of these. This site has got to be crawling with dating site CEOs who'd love to give their perspective on the industry.

Kathryn Lord

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this interview, the first exposure for me to PerfectMatch's Duane Dahl. He echos much of what I've written about in my blog (www.Find-a-Sweetheart.blog) on both eHarmony and True.com. I've been a fan of Pepper Schwartz for years, so I have been impressed with PerfectMatch's alliance with her.

I am concerned with both PerfectMatch and eHarmony about the gender ratios on their sites. Women are attracted to both sites in greater numbers than men. At least PerfectMatch says so, openly recruiting men by saying women outnumber men on PerfectMatch 2 to 1. So I can't recommend either site to my female clients. But I'm glad to know PerfectMatch's politics are closer to my own.

Bill Washburn

Nice interview Mark. What does the future hold, indeed! Dating, finding a relationship that has the potential to last is important for all of us. Seems to me one challenge in the virtual meeting space is getting a strong sense of what another person is authentically like. It is complex, of course, where chemistry, appearance, personality, reputation, and values are all significant considerations. Do we yet have enough of the information we need while not harming personal privacy? Bill Washburn, Opinity

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