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Sherry  Reynolds

I'd like to know what Mark thinks of Executive Dating, formerly and Please email me his response. I'm trying to find the best site for more mature Christian singles. I'm 49. Thank you for your assistance.

Dating Devil

About, can't really put much weight into what their stats say. Their stats are strictly by what users of their toolbar do online. I have heard of sugardaddyz though, and I am only just now getting into the online dating scene.

free online dating

Online dating site is one of the growing industry on the web today. It is a source on income for lot of people and also help lot of people to dating, find new friend, future partners and lot more.

Carol (Your Way Singles Network)

As a Singles Coach, I often direct my clients to niche dating sites and special interest networks. I have been teaching them more and more about non-dating sites that are social communities and many find it to be a more relaxed setting for communication. The focus is not on does he/she make the grade, but developing connections that could naturally evolve to personal relationships.

Some singles find that while the niche sites offer unique networking, it has been difficult for them to get a solid standing in an industry with so many big players.

London Dating

I agree with carol most of the smaller 'niche' sites offer more of a personal touch with forums and social communities where people can build on relationships and help each other through the experiance, then hopfully develope those relationships into somthing more meaningful.

John Roberts

The thing that's nice about the smaller sites is you might be able to find people that closer match your interests, it's not such a needle in the haystack thing.

Christian Dating Australia

We run a niche dating site for Christian singles located in Australia. We find it it working well as many people would prefer to come to a site like ours which is also niche in the sense that we focus on actually helping people find a suitable match, rather than just a list of profiles to wade through. It's working well so far as people I think are looking for something different to the big sites these days.

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